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From Sarah Mayfield

La Jolla, CA.
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Dear Fellow Wounded Women,

You are reading a letter that I never thought I would write.

However, the number of calls and emails from people desperate to purchase The Wounded Woman's 30-Day Guide To Healing keeps growing and growing.

And with good reason.

The Wounded Woman's 30-Day Guide To Healing has proven to be the most effective and most powerful collection of healing techniques ever to be produced.

I Know A Lot Of Others Claim That, But Here Are The Facts:

Within just 3 days of learning The Wounded Woman's 30-Day Guide To Healing, four women (all of whom had been severely damaged due to traumatic experiences) told me that their friends, family, and even random people were beginning to notice their increased positivity and happiness.

And here's the kicker...

ALL of these women were broken, wounded, and unable to find the healing they desperately wanted and knew they deserved.

In fact, some had been in abusive relationships, some had experienced trauma at a young age, and some had gone their entire lives without any peace at all.

And almost ALL of them believed it was impossible to create a life where they could be themselves, radiate peace, and create deep, meaningful memories that would last a lifetime.

But after the first day, their concept of what was possible was SHATTERED!

They Came From All Walks Of Life...

When I decided to put on an EXCLUSIVE workshop to teach The Wounded Woman's 30-Day Guide To Healing, I wanted a group of women who couldn't have been more different, just to PROVE to all the nay-sayers out there that you don't need anything special to find peace and healing within yourself.

And in the end, that's what happened...

MICHELLE - The Wounded Woman Who Escaped An Abusive Marriage

Michelle was a tall, beautiful woman with thick black hair and baby blue eyes who everyone loved to be around. When she met her husband, Rick, they instantly fell in love and hit it off. Just like a scene from a fairytale, they got married and were going to live happily ever after... or so Michelle thought.

Fast forward five years, Michelle found herself struggling to escape her marriage to the man she once loved, and also found herself as a shell of herself - broken, afraid, and with no self-esteem left to be the woman she once was.

After Michelle found The Wounded Woman's 30-Day Guide To Healing, she finally regained who she was before her marriage and felt that she could finally be the confident and unapologetic woman she once was.

RACHEL - The Wounded Woman Who Experienced The Loss of A Loved One

After experiencing the tragic loss of her husband, Rachel came to me looking to learn how she could regain her peace.

She'd gotten to the point where she was ready to move on. And with this warm and caring look in her eyes, you could tell she had a lot of love left in her heart that she was ready to show the world - she just didn't know how to do it.

After she learned The Wounded Woman's 30-Day Guide To Healing, she went out and within DAYS found the peace, comfort, and healing to express herself again.

SARAH - The Wounded Woman Who Experienced Trauma

Sarah, like many other women, had self-esteem issues for almost her entire life due to negative experiences in her childhood. She spoke so quietly, you could barely hear her. You could tell that she wanted to open up and express herself, but there was a fear that she couldn't shake. In fact, she reminded me of myself in the old days.

Sarah's experience with The Wounded Woman's 30-Day Guide To Healing Allowed her to finally come out of the shell that she'd been in since she was a little girl. I'll never forget what she said to me when she left...

"Today feels like the first day of my life..."

JANE - The Wounded Woman Who Battled Sickness

Jane came into the workshop with a great attitude, but this was only because she was so used to being a fighter for her whole life. Jane had been diagnosed with a serious illness roughly 5 years ago, and fought tooth and nail to recover.

 By the grace of god, her body healed, but her mind and soul were still suffering from the pain and agony of what she had gone through.

Jane and I went through some of the practices in The Wounded Woman's 30-Day Guide To Healing, and within a week she called me to tell me that she had "finally let go of the past" and that her husband was remarking about how her mood had drastically changed for the better!

Sarah Mayfield has spent the past two years turning herself into one of the greatest resources for wounded women on the planet. Having learned from experts all around the globe - ranging from ancient Japanese healers to world-class specialists - she now teaches her expertise to others. 'I have worked with women who have been through some seriously painful life events, and all of them leave with a smile on their face and a sense of peace that can't be broken,' she says.

Having been through a series of traumatic events in her life, Sarah, herself, is also a wounded woman. This makes her teachings all the more valuable, because she understands what it takes for wounded women to find the confidence they deserve.

--Associated Press

These Teachings Literally CHANGED THEIR LIVES!

And They Can Do The Same For YOU...

As I was blossoming into a healed woman, I met a lot of other wounded women who were desperately trying to rebuild themselves and find peace but weren't getting any better.

So, I decided to write down EXACTLY what I had learned that enabled me to become so at peace while other wounded women were stuck struggling. I wanted to bottle it up and use it to help the women who needed it.

I wrote thousands of pages of notes recalling everything I had learned from years of traveling all over the globe and meeting the world's leading experts.

It was SCARY...

I was like a mad scientist... scribbling on notebooks for weeks on end to develop a system I could use to help wounded women. My notebooks filled boxes, and soon, closets:

Then I sat down and went through these ideas with a fine-toothed comb, and started to develop a never-before-seen method that could easily be learned and implemented. I wanted my fellow wounded women to experience what I had experienced - peace, relief and healing that everyone could see.

So, after devoting years to developing this system, I want to share it with the wounded women of the world. This system is The Wounded Woman's 30-Day Guide To Healing. 

This can be you.

And what's more...

  • It doesn't matter if you've ever attended a live training...
  • ​It doesn't matter what you've been through...
  • ​It doesn't matter if you've recently been struggling or if you've been struggling for decades...
  • ​And.. it doesn't matter if you still don't believe this will work for you

Nope. The ONLY thing that matters... is your desire to live a life full of peace and memories that you will cherish forever.

Don't Believe Me? Just Listen To What Fellow Wounded Women Are Saying:

"Sarah, I can't thank you enough. Your book has made such a huge difference in my life. I love my life, I love who I am, and I owe a lot of it directly to you.

I am sure you get these kinds of letters all the time, but I am also sure that they do not get old. I have to tell you that I had my doubts, but I have to say that you are 100% right. I use everything, and it all works.

It is really starting to come together for me. I even used the techniques in chapter 2 and had someone compliment me in public how happy I looked!

I don't really know how to thank you. Just suffice it to say that I am absolute a believer in The Wounded Woman's 30-Day Guide To Healing."

--Michelle, Wounded Woman

The fact is, what I am going to teach you works. And it works fast.

Here's A Taste Of What You'll Get In The Wounded Woman's 30-Day Guide To Healing...

I've done all the work for you.

I've spent two long years writing and re-writing the never-before-seen methods found within this book.

If there was a rumor of a technique, even on the other side of the globe, I hunted it down. If there was someone claiming to specialize in healing wounded women, I found them. If there was a whisper of a secret anywhere, I tested it.

I've studied every single ebook, CD, video, course, and seminar I could find.

But I was never satisfied with what was given to me.

The truth is, 99% of what you hear is not designed for women like us.

It wasn't until I was out in the world, testing and developing techniques, that I figured out how to TRULY find peace and healing as a wounded woman.

When I decided I wanted to release The Wounded Woman's 30-Day Guide To Healing, I sat down to create a book that was unlike anything you've ever seen.

You'll get 30 Days Worth Of Value Packed Lessons...

I've always been disappointed with the quality of some of the other books out there. Most of them are just filled with useless fluff that does nothing but add pages to the book...

Not here.

I sat down and personally recorded only the most valuable lessons in this book. 

That way, I know that what you're reading is authentic, powerful, and straight to the point.

"Sarah's system is finally getting released as The Wounded Woman's 30-Day Guide To Healing. I learned from her in person and it was incredible - my friends and family keep asking me what's changed because they notice my mood, but it's my little secret ;)."

--Janet M, Wounded Woman

But more importantly, the information contained in this book cannot be found ANYWHERE else!

I've spent two long years writing and re-writing the never-before-seen methods found within this book:


Evaluating Self Worth


  • Criteria to Evaluate Self-Worth
  • What Self-Worth Isn't
  • Keys To Loving Yourself

Day 0-5

The Journey Begins


  • Setting Intentions
  • Becoming Aware
  • Compliments Coming Your Way
  • Self-Love Readings
  • ​Setting and Using Affirmations
  • ​Doing What You Truly Want

Day 6-11

Warming Up


  • Admiring The Body
  • Diet & Nutrition
  • Love Letters
  • ​Asking For Favors
  • ​Abandoning Perfection
  • ​Decluttering

Day 12-17

It's Getting Hot In Here


  • Scheduling
  • ​How To Deal With Stress
  • Gratitude Lists
  • ​Exercise
  • ​Social Life
  • ​Doing What You Love

Day 18-23

On Fire


  • ​Planning For The Future
  • Journaling
  • Forgiving Yourself
  • ​Stop Seeking Approval
  • ​Sit With Yourself
  • ​The Doctor and The Dentist

Day 24-31

The Home Stretch


  • Volunteering
  • ​Sleep
  • ​Setting and Maintaining Boundaries
  • ​Doing What Needs To Be Done
  • ​Trusting Your Intuition
  • ​Liking Yourself Even More
  • ​A Secret...
  • ​Have Fun!

Since the original workshop back in December, not a week goes by without a slew of wounded women emailing me and asking me when I am going to release The Wounded Woman's 30-Day Guide To Healing. (Reporters were even hounding me about this during my book tour!) And I've been struggling with it. My original plan was to leave a couple wounded women to carry on my method as I continued to focus on my career as an artist. And, quite frankly, I planned to keep this information to myself.

Until now

Initially, I was taping the workshop just to give the wounded women in attendance an instant reference guide to help them on their healing journey.

But then something funny started to happen:

Every time someone saw the footage, they instantly got sucked into the material. And, just from being around it, their lives began to change. It was like the tapes had some kind of magical power. 

"Oh my gosh. I've been getting so many compliments. It's crazy because usually I lack the confidence and self-esteem to make people notice me or respect me. I guess I never noticed how wounded I really was."

--M'Kayla L, Wounded Woman

It was then I realized I had something special, and knew that a lot of wounded women could really benefit from this information.

Just by reading this amazing book... you will instantly absorb tips that will turbocharge your healing (without affecting anything else) with more peace than you ever believe you could have.

You'll also learn the simple secrets of healing from the past and finding lasting, true peace that no one can take away from you.

You can "install" these skills into your life almost overnight. Just read this astonishing book and study the blueprint and you'll be ready to live the life you know you deserve.

"I have to be honest - this book made me incredibly happy but also very angry.

It made me happy in the sense that I finally discovered a way to heal from my past. I was able to develop peace that I didn't even know I was capable of, and I am building and creating memories that I know I'm going to remember for the rest of my life. I've finally begun to feel free.

But, it made me angry that I wasted so much time before now not buying Sarah's book. I was very hesitant for a long time, and if I wouldn't have waited so long I would have experienced all the incredible benefits that much sooner."

--Grace K, Wounded Woman

The Only Other People In The World To Learn This Paid $2,000 Each.

The question is, are you prepared to pay $2,000 for the information in this book?

You should be.

Not only have many women ALREADY paid that much for half of this information (and many offered 10 times that much), but you simply can't put a price on these life changing methods.

Think about this:

When was the last time you truly felt peace that lasted?

If you can't remember, That is OK.

99.9% of the wounded women in this world are struggling to find their peace. So don't feel too bad (I've been there too.)

But let me ask you this:

What if you could magically hold the key to finding the healing, peace, and relief you have been searching for ...every time you left the house?

How much would that be worth to you?

Exactly... most wounded women would say you simply can't put a price on that. Because knowledge like this is 20x more important than all of the other pointless stuff we buy on a daily basis.

Actually... strike that.

Knowledge this powerful is more important than anything else you will have in your lifetime.


Because think about it:

When you're 83 years old and sitting in a rocking chair with your family reflecting on your entire life, what is going to be more important to you?

The countless dollars you blew on trendy lattes at Starbucks? 


The fact that you finally decided to take a stand for YOU and build yourself into a peaceful, radiant, glowing, HEALED WOMAN.

A woman that everyone notices when she walks in the room.

A woman who other girls wonder what her secret is.

A woman whose family and friends are so happy that she is living her best life...

If that isn't worth $2,000, then I honestly don't know what is.

Well guess what...

You Don't Have To Spend $2,000!

You can own all the breakthrough methods in this book for only $7!

That's it. No "hidden charges" or outrageous fees.

The reason I'm pricing it this low is because I truly want all of my fellow wounded women to be able to unlock their true potential and live the life that I've been able to achieve for myself.

You're getting ALL of my knowledge for less than 1% of what they paid.

I think you're getting the better deal here. 

Think about this:

Over the span of a year, this book is only going to cost you

2 cents a day.

That's less than a piece of candy at a convenience store.

So for less than the cost of a measly piece of candy, you can instantly unlock the secrets that will allow you to radiate peace that lights up any room you enter.

This took over two solid years to create, and you will NEVER find these secrets revealed anywhere else.

And now you have the chance to buy it for about 2 cents a day?!

I can't think of anything else that even costs less than that!

But listen. I want to make absolutely sure this is the right thing for you.

That's why...

I Am Giving You A Full 30 Day "Test Drive" Absolutely Risk Free

You read that right:

If you are not 110% happy with this product... If you don't think this is the most amazing thing your eyes have ever seen...

Then you can get every single penny back, with no forms to fill out, no 'special card' to mail in, and no fees.

There are NO strings attached.

I am so confident you will think this is the best purchase you have ever made in your life, you can shoot us a message within 30 days and I will give you a 100% complete refund... and we'll still be friends :).

But honestly, I'm not worried about you asking for a refund...

Because I believe in this book THAT MUCH.

I know most people will not return it because they simply won't be able to live without it.

With this book, the results are instant.

Basically, you become the woman that everyone envies: The girl who has it all figured out.

Don't waste another minute, click the link below to get yours

Look, I went from being a sad, broken woman who had to pretend everything was ok to a radiant, confident woman who demands respect 

And this took me years to accomplish.

You get to bypass the whole learning curve and go to the head of the class in just minutes.

If you don't take advantage of you now, you WILL regret it.

And I truly want the best for you, my fellow wounded woman. From the bottom of my heart, I mean that.

So there's only one thing left for you to say...

I look forward to hearing from you soon. I'll expect updates and pictures of your success :).

From one wounded woman to another,

Sarah Mayfield

P.S. Remember, all the risk is on me.

If you don't think this is the most amazing book of its kind, then you get every single penny back.

If you decide next week you no longer want any of this information, then I will INSTANTLY refund you.

It doesn't matter. I am offering you a 100% NO QUESTIONS ASKED MONEY BACK GUARANTEE because I believe in this book THAT much.

Honestly, this is a no brainer. This will absolutely NEVER be available again, and you can even 'test drive' it risk free.

P.P.S Read this one last testimonial only if you've decided NOT to order.

"Before the book I had never really felt like I was living the life I wanted to live. As I got older I got pretty good at faking it, but inside I was truly unhappy and nothing I tried would help. Everything felt like a bandaid on top of a wound that wouldn't heal. When I tried The Wounded Woman's 30-Day Guide To Healing, I finally began to heal. I can safely say that the day I purchased this book is the day I started to live..." -- Michelle, Wounded Woman